Woodworking Plans for Bird Feeders & Birdhouses

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A bird feeder can be a simple tray platform or an elegant house-shaped structure. With bird feeder plans available, there are styles for every bird species and skill level ranging from beginner carpenters to experienced carpenters. Many are customizable to make a bird feeder using the materials you have.

A bird feeder is an excellent beginner's project and is also great for children. Younger children can handle a sanding block, while older children can hammer and paint their creations. Choose your combination of birdhouse and bird feeder; a model mounted on the wall or in a tree, a free-standing bird feeder that will be mounted on a post, or a hanging bird feeder that prevents squirrel raids. Bird feeders are fun and educational projects that teach not only woodworking techniques but also care for wildlife. A bird feeder can be an inexpensive project, using recycled wood and inexpensive materials leftover from your previous work.

Many birds have special needs for their homes. They can be very demanding tenants, so build a home that meets their exact needs and adds some visual appeal to your garden. Choose house plans for a particular species that live in your area or a standard style to attract a wide variety of varieties to your garden. There are simple box-shaped houses, such as a bluebird nest box, or condominium-style designs to attract flying birds such as purple martins.

These birdhouse designs use simple but exterior-grade woods to ensure durability over time. Choose exterior stains and paints to protect them and add a touch of color to your garden. There are freestanding models, as well as wall or tree models. Other models are mounted on sturdy posts set in concrete.


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