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Browse & download all our woodworking plans to build workshop accessories, workshop carts & workshop storages!

There are tons of accessories that you probably want for your workshop. Of course, you can go to the building supply store and use your credit card to the fullest, or you can have fun and build custom stands, templates, cases, and guides with our free workshop accessory plans.

The advantage of building your own accessories is that you can customize them to fit your shop and style. Templates, tables, fences, and rails are all easy to build. Stands and workstations can have simple lines or incorporate lots of storage space into the plan.

Small clamps, sanding blocks, and a sliding bracket are perfect for beginners who want to practice. Specialized items, such as a sheet metal cutter, do not require any woodworking skills. Our free workshop accessory plans make your workshop cleaner and more efficient without making a dent in your wallet.

You'll also find plans for items such as sanding blocks and drill press fences that you might want to build for your shop. Build various shop carts for transferring or storing supplies and tools. Below are many carts that can be customized for different tasks. Choose shop cart plans for wood carts, plywood storage carts, general shop carts, planer carts, power tool carts, and many more. All of these items will make your shop work easier. Moving things around in your shop becomes easier!

Organize a messy workshop with racks, carts, and utility boxes that you build yourself. Don't spend money to buy expensive materials in a DIY store. Use the free workshop storage plans, a few simple tools, and common building materials to fill your workshop with efficient and economical storage solutions. Build custom-made shelving for chisels and hand saws. Add a shelf for power and air tools to keep them ready for use. Use wall-mounted storage units to free up floor and under-cabinet space.


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